White’s Fiery Blast at Media Elite

Dana White, the outspoken CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has stirred controversy in the media before, particularly for his association with and support of former President Donald Trump at UFC events. However, in a recent podcast appearance, he escalated his long-standing animosity towards the media with a profanity-laden critique of what he perceives as an industry filled with ineffectual individuals.

White began by highlighting that, at present, the media and politicians are among the most reviled figures globally. He argued that public trust in reporters and their work has eroded significantly. Rather than relying on intermediaries in the media, he prefers to communicate directly with his own audience.

In White’s view, the media is not only inept but also increasingly irrelevant in contemporary society. To illustrate his point, he cited the media’s sensationalism during the pandemic era and contended that news outlets do not wield the influence or power they believe they do.

While he condemned excessive behavior in response to the pandemic and the promotion of cancel culture, White revealed that media reports about himself and the UFC have solidified his mistrust of the media.

White claimed that if the media predicts failure for something, it is bound to succeed, citing his own success as evidence. He referred to individuals in the media as “the dumbest, know-nothing, never-built-anything individuals on Earth” and encouraged people to believe the opposite of what they are told.

He questioned why the opinions of the media have traditionally held such weight and influence and pondered their origins and their significance. In White’s view, media figures have not created or built anything of value and have never been dependent on a media paycheck.

Ultimately, White concluded that most media figures do not accomplish anything substantial for themselves but instead focus on writing stories about individuals who are actively engaged in meaningful endeavors.