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Wokeism: How It Compares to Communism

The Practical Effects of Communism The Cultural Revolution was defined by Communist leader Mao Zedong’s takeover of the Chinese government and all aspects of civil...

Three Historic Moments That Prove America Is the Land of the Free

The United States has swept itself up in controversy in recent years. After political calls to censor speech and ban firearms from being owned...

The History Of Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been at the forefront of a very tumultuous cultural war, in which conservatives are accusing its proponents of racism and...

Is America Overtaxed? How We Compare to Europe

Some Americans cherish high taxes, especially when it does not affect them. Politically, those on the left like to argue that the “rich” are...

Christianity and Marriage Decline in the U.S. 

It might be shocking that divorce rates are lower than they were ten years ago. After all, we tend to hear so much about...


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