Country Music Singer Faces Felony Charges

Country music star Morgan Wallen is facing legal troubles after being charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and one count of disorderly conduct. These charges came after he allegedly threw a chair from the rooftop of a six-story bar. The incident, reported by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, occurred on the early morning of April 8.

Wallen, who was released on a $15,250 bond, could face up to six years in prison if convicted of the felony charges, according to Rither Alabre, a former New York prosecutor and current partner at a prominent legal firm. The reckless endangerment charges have been classified as Class E felonies because the chair was thrown near police officers and the public, which could have resulted in serious injuries.

“The object was classified as a deadly weapon given its potential to cause harm,” explained Alabre. According to arrest documents, the chair landed dangerously close to two police officers and several bystanders. Surveillance footage from the scene shows Wallen throwing an object from the rooftop bar in downtown Nashville.

Despite the seriousness of the charges, Alabre believes that Wallen’s legal team might negotiate a plea for a lesser charge, considering no injuries were reported. “The legal strategy could likely involve negotiating a plea that might avoid jail time, potentially resolving the matter with probation,” he noted.

The backdrop to this incident includes personal upheavals in Wallen’s life. It coincides with his ex-girlfriend, Katie “KT” Smith, eloping with her fiancé, which sources close to Wallen say has deeply affected him. Smith is also the mother of Wallen’s three-year-old son, which adds a personal dimension to his emotional state.

“KT marrying another man and the thought of another man raising his son has been very tough on him,” shared a source familiar with Wallen’s situation. These personal challenges might have influenced his actions that night.

This case is unfolding, with Wallen’s personal and professional life hanging in the balance as he navigates the repercussions of his actions that night in Nashville.