Trump’s Urgent Border Battle Cry…

Former President Donald Trump has entered the fray in the ongoing clash between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and President Joe Biden, urging all states to deploy their National Guard units to assist Texas in safeguarding its border.

“Joe Biden has surrendered our border, and is aiding and abetting a massive invasion of millions of illegal migrants into the United States,” asserted Trump on Truth Social, emphasizing his presidency’s success in establishing “the most secure border in history.”

“Instead of fighting to protect our country from this onslaught, Biden is, unbelievably, fighting to tie the hands of Gov. Abbott and the State of Texas, so that the invasion continues unchecked,” he continued. “In the face of this national security, public safety, and public health catastrophe, Texas has rightly invoked the invasion clause of the Constitution and must be given full support to repel the invasion.”

“We encourage all willing states to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of illegals, and to remove them back across the border,” continued Trump.

Trump emphasized the importance of Americans rallying behind the “commonsense measures” implemented by Abbott and Texas authorities to safeguard residents and the state’s security and sovereignty.

Trump’s appeal for states to deploy National Guard troops to the Texas border aligns with the backing of 25 other Republican governors expressing support for Abbott in his standoff against the Supreme Court and the federal government.

Concluding his expression of solidarity with Abbott, Trump pledged that upon winning the upcoming presidential election in November, he would collaborate with Gov. Abbott and other border states on day one to “stop the invasion, seal the border, and rapidly begin the largest domestic deportation operation in history.”

“Those Biden has let in should not get comfortable because they will be going home,” he emphasized.

The recent escalation in the Texas-federal government feud unfolded after Texas seized the Shelby Park area in Eagle Pass, impeding federal Border Patrol agents. The matter reached the Supreme Court, which ruled in the administration’s favor, granting unrestricted access to the border and permitting Border Patrol agents to dismantle the razor-wire Texas had set up along the Rio Grande to deter dangerous and illegal border crossings.

This ongoing dispute, initiated since Biden assumed office in January 2021 with the immediate escalation of the migrant crisis, poses a significant threat to overwhelm Texas. The administration contends that immigration enforcement falls solely within the federal government’s purview.