Highly Suspicious Maui Fires: 9 Questions we should all be asking

Amidst what’s being touted as “the largest natural disaster” in Hawaii’s history, there’s a mountain of perplexing details that mainstream narratives are seemingly overlooking.

The devastation from the Maui fires, leaving Lahaina and its surroundings in ruins, doesn’t quite line up with the state’s official narrative. While Hawaii Governor Josh Green conveniently pins the blame on “global warming combined with drought,” we’re left scratching our heads, questioning the credibility of this explanation.

Several pressing issues stand out:

  1. The True Origin: How did these fires ignite? The governor’s narrative raises eyebrows, especially when images from Lahaina hint at the possibility of directed energy weapons (DEWs) being involved.
  2. The Speedy Spread: Media accounts depict a fire so rapid that locals and tourists were driven to the extreme measure of diving into the Pacific Ocean to escape.
  3. Fire Dynamics: How did the Lahaina fire, reportedly already extinguished, end up inflicting the most damage?
  4. Silent Alarms: Alarmingly, Maui’s emergency sirens remained quiet. An oversight or a conspiracy?
  5. MIA Supplies: A supposed “telecommunications blackout” is being blamed for delaying emergency supplies. An interesting coincidence or something more sinister?
  6. Opportunistic Purchasers: Why are homeowners, still reeling from the devastation, being approached to sell their fire-ravaged properties? Did some see this calamity coming?
  7. Hidden Body Count?: The FBI’s decision to deploy a “mobile refrigerated morgue” is chilling. Is the actual death toll higher than reported?
  8. Where’s the Protection?: With tales of nighttime looting and violence, including reports of residents “being robbed at gunpoint,” it seems Lahaina’s security measures are insufficient, to say the least.
  9. Biden’s Silence: Arguably most egregious is President Joe Biden’s apparent indifference. Why is Biden, allegedly the “most popular” leader, soaking up the sun on vacation as Maui residents grapple with catastrophe? His chilling silence and nonchalant beach escapades speak volumes about his priorities.

The circumstances surrounding the Maui fires raise more questions than answers. While some outlets would have you believe a linear narrative, it’s evident there’s more to the story. As some assert, these fires have the telltale signs of yet another orchestrated event to further hidden agendas. For an unfiltered take, consider browsing FalseFlag.news.