Desperate Bud Light July 4th Scheme Failing

Do you know what’s right around the corner? Independence Day! And guess what? Bud Light wants everyone, no matter their opinions on recent events, to join in on the fun with a free beer.

Anheuser-Busch has an exciting offer to help everyone forget the recent controversy around Dylan Mulvaney. They’re practically handing out their famous beer for free!

Through July 8, under the program called “Bud Light on Us,” the company is giving a huge deal. They’re offering up to $15 back on a pack of 15 or more Bud Light beers to folks in most parts of the U.S. In some stores, if the beer costs less than $15, you might not even have to pay anything! “Enjoy your July 4th weekend with ease,” says the brewer on their website.

In the old days, Bud Light was the king of coolers, the top choice for ice-cold beer. Other beers like Modelo Especial and Coors Light might steal the show this year.

Recently, things changed after their former vice president, Alissa Heinerscheid, seemed to downplay her product and hired Mulvaney, a well-known transgender influencer, to advertise the beer.

This move led to a dip (Crash) in Bud Light sales as some consumers decided to boycott the brand, despite country music star Garth Brooks’ best attempts to keep the peace. Supporters of LGBTQ rights were upset, too, feeling that Bud Light wasn’t fully backing their campaign. This left the brand in a tricky situation.

Heinerscheid, the first woman to ever lead the brand in its 40-year history, was given time off and later replaced by Todd Allen. Allen’s big goal is to win back those customers who felt overlooked, and he’s doing so with passion.

This Independence Day promotion is a part of the brand’s huge summer campaign, which Allen proudly says is their biggest one yet.

Last week, Anheuser-Busch unveiled a new ad called “Easy to Summer,” showing many people cooling down in the summer heat with a Bud Light.

Right now, though, the ad isn’t doing so well on YouTube, with more dislikes than likes. It’s the same on Twitter, where many of the comments had to be hidden by the Bud Light team because they were too inappropriate.

We’re unsure if the $15 rebate offer on a case of 24 bottles, costing just under $18 at Walmart, is enough to mend fences, but we’ll see.

To get this deal, all customers have to do is submit their receipt along with the Universal Product Code online at by July 22. Then, they’ll get a six-month virtual credit from MetaBank.

But remember, this deal isn’t available everywhere. Some states, including Texas, aren’t included in the offer. So make sure to check if it’s available where you live!