Poll Bombshell: Is Biden on Borrowed Time?

A recent poll has raised substantial concerns among Americans about President Joe Biden’s fitness to continue holding office. The Fox News poll aligns with a series of recent surveys, all casting doubts on the ability of the 80-year-old president to serve a second term in the White House.

Released this week, the poll indicates that a staggering 61% of the public believes that Biden lacks the “mental soundness” required for presidential duties. In stark contrast, only 36% believe he possesses the necessary mental acumen. Significantly, over a quarter of Democrats share concerns about Biden’s mental capacity to hold office.

This data underscores a noticeable increase in concern compared to October 2022, when only 56% expressed these doubts. The year prior, in 2021, that number was even lower at 48%.

In September 2021, shortly after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, 49% still believed Biden had the capacity to continue as president.

Conversely, former President Donald Trump’s figures have shown improvement. The percentage of Americans who believe he is mentally unfit for office has decreased since a May survey. Those who think he has the capacity to serve have risen, from 43% to 46%.

Notably, these numbers surpass those from a July 2020 poll conducted during Trump’s presidency.

In addition to questions about his fitness, President Biden has also faced a hit to his reputation. Following the announcement of a formal impeachment probe by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), a notable 48% of the public now describes the president as “corrupt.” This marks a significant increase from the 41% who held this view just prior to the 2020 election, and even includes 11% of Democrats.

Furthermore, the poll found that in a hypothetical 2024 rematch, Trump would outperform Biden, receiving 48% of the vote compared to Biden’s 46%. Trump received the highest levels of support among Republicans seeking the presidential nomination.

In addition, Trump has made significant gains since polling conducted before the 2020 election, particularly among demographic groups such as women, Black voters, Latino voters, and younger voters.