Megyn Kelly ERUPTS After Kiss – “Don’t Kiss Me…”

According to Daily Wire, Megyn Kelly has created some “rules” for kissing people on the mouth after Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, seemingly made out with Kamala Harris’ husband at the State of The Union address by kissing him on the lips as a “greeting”. Commentators say the strange act crossed a line. Megyn Kelly has a potential solution for such embarrassing displays of affection.

Let’s Have Boundaries, Shall We? As Biden angrily ranted false talking points during his State of The Union Address, what caught people’s attention most was Jill Biden’s performance. It wasn’t very on-the-nose. More like on the mouth!

Jill Biden greeted Kamala Harris’ husband with very suspicious familiarity by publicly kissing him on the lips in an abrupt “greeting” as she sat down in the audience.

The whole situation was weird and uncomfortable. Just like the women who are forced to be near Joe Biden!

Megyn Kelly thinks she has the solution to avoid scandalous moments like this. How? By not publicly kissing people on the mouth who aren’t your spouse.

On her Sirius XM show, Megyn Kelly set the record straight: “People should not be mouth kissing ever if it’s not your husband or your spouse. Here is Kamala’s husband and Joe Biden’s wife kissing on the mouth, I’m sorry, secondhand uncomfortable…”

Megyn Kelly doubled down even further. How about we just stop putting mouths on people altogether: “Don’t kiss me on my mouth. Don’t do it. In fact, don’t kiss me, and probably don’t hug me either. Just like the wave or a pat, I’ll take that.”

This stuff may seem basic. But we all know the Biden family. Respecting personal boundaries, especially the boundaries of young women, hasn’t been their strong suit.