Kamala MONEY FUNNELING Discovered – See for Yourself

According to Daily Wire, Vice President Kamala Harris is funneling giant amounts of money to slow down illegal immigration… in other countries. Apparently, Kamala Harris is worried about every other country except her own!

Kamala Harris Turns To Immigration… In Central America. In perhaps one of her most hypocritical acts as Vice President, Kamala Harris has put together a whopping $4.2 billion in “private sector commitments to create economic opportunity in northern Central America”.

She claims that her newest money drop involving taxpayer money will stop illegal immigration into the United States. But it’s not exactly clear how this money is expected to do that.

Her new project will reportedly create something called the Northern Central America Investment Facilitation Team. This board room environment will in turn “support clean energy infrastructure development, facilitate private sector operations, and promote sustainable economic development in the region.”

How Is This Stopping Illegal Immigration?
One has to wonder how creating more boardrooms and promoting renewable energy in central America has anything to do with immigration issues in America.

One commentator says it’s all smoke and mirrors. In fact, he’s sure of it. The Head of Government Relations for Federation for American Immigration Reform, RJ Hauman, came out swinging against Kamala Harris’ latest agenda, saying it’s the epitome of big government mania: “None of these investments serve as a deterrent for illegal immigration to the United States.”

Hauman went a step further, suggesting that creating these types of boardroom settings for the government for immigration isn’t the solution: “They should start from the ground up at relevant agencies, not in corporate boardrooms.”

This is just another example of Kamala Harris launching a project that is more about buying friends than creating anything of lasting value.

She’s part of the big government swamp through and through.