Did Biden Get “PERMISSION” From China? – Fox News Goes There!

According to Mediaite, Fox News’s Rachel Campos-Duffy is speculating that Joe Biden may have requested “permission” from China to shoot down the spy balloon that was flying over American territory. The speculation comes as Biden deals with possible blackmail from foreign nations involving his disgraced son, Hunter.

Even Mitt Romney Is Embarrassed! It took nearly 2 days for Joe Biden’s Defense Department to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon flying over our country in broad daylight. One single balloon went from Alaska all the way to South Carolina without a care in the world.

So what took so long? Even RINO Republicans like Mitt Romney were calling for the balloon to be neutralized, saying “Let’s shut them all down.”

Within a few hours of the story breaking on the news channels, Donald Trump boldly wrote in all capital letters: “SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON.”

But Biden waited anyway. And in so doing, put our entire national security apparatus at risk. One has to wonder what caused these inadequate decisions to be made. It may have been the result of foreign intelligence on Biden’s family.

On Fox & Friends, host Rachel Campos-Duffy warned that Biden’s late response over the balloon may have been caused by him asking for China’s “permission” to shoot down their spy-craft.

The Fox News host pointed to Hunter Biden’s laptop, saying that compromising intelligence on Joe Biden’s son may have been involved: “There’s a lot in that laptop that might have something to do with this response.”

Campos-Duffy then went further, stating that Biden’s shady private business deals may have made him the perfect target for foreign blackmail: “Is it possible that our president was getting permission from the Chinese to take it down? I mean, let’s just all be honest. He is potentially compromised by many of the business deals his family made with the Chinese Communist government?”