Biden SCRAMBLES as China Makes MASSIVE Power Play

China is utilizing Biden’s family business dealings as a power play to prevent Joe Biden from taking action to protect the United States interests in Asia. The oldest Chinese-American bank in Southern California, Cathay Bank, reportedly handed over records showing millions of dollars transferred from Chinese companies to Biden’s family, prompting Republican senators Ron Johnson and Charles Grassley to request the records.

Despite Biden’s rejection of the story, Grassley and Johnson have already revealed some of the discoveries from their joint investigation of the records. According to reports, the records reveal significant payments from a Chinese state-owned enterprise flowing through Biden family accounts while Biden was campaigning for his current presidency. The spokesperson for Cathay Bank, Ian Campbell, has denied any association with the Chinese government and has assured that the bank is cooperating with the ongoing investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability into the Biden family.

Despite these statements, many believe that China is leveraging the information to pressure Biden to back off on Taiwan. China’s power play against Biden may be to expose the current president and his family’s business dealings, ultimately forcing him out of the office and allowing Democrats to run someone else they can control who has a winning chance.

Mike McCormick, a former Obama administration official who worked as a White House stenographer for 15 years, has made serious allegations against President Joe Biden. McCormick has accused Biden of participating in a “kickback scheme” involving his son Hunter’s business deals overseas during his tenure as Vice President. McCormick made these revelations during an interview with Fox News.

Despite his eagerness to testify under oath before the federal grand jury investigating the matter, McCormick claims that the FBI has ignored his warnings regarding Hunter Biden’s activities. These allegations lend credibility to the suggestion that China is leveraging the Biden family’s business dealings to put pressure on Joe Biden to ease his stance on Taiwan.