Whistleblower X: Biden’s Worst Nightmare Unleashed

Wednesday saw yet another probing round of investigative hearings by the House Oversight Committee. This time, however, the stage was stolen by an individual intriguingly referred to as “Whistleblower X” by committee chairman James Comer (R-Ky.). Who was this mysterious individual? None other than the Democrats’ and Bidens’ worst nightmare – a gay, Democrat IRS special agent, according to reports.

“Today, the American public will hear from IRS whistleblowers who hold critical information linked to our inquiry into the alleged influence peddling operations of the Biden family,” the committee’s announcement declared, tantalizingly. It also hinted at revelations of potential political bias and misconduct within the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) concerning the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Comer made it crystal clear, “Our in-depth investigation into the complex domestic and international business ventures of the Biden family, seeks to uncover if U.S. national security and President Biden’s impartial leadership have been compromised. Our gathered financial records point towards over 20 shell companies set up by the Biden family, mysterious financial transactions with foreign adversaries, and a deliberate effort to dodge scrutiny.”

Enter the main act: Joseph Ziegler, a gay Democrat IRS special agent who blew the whistle on political misconduct during the Hunter Biden investigation, according to Fox News. It was revealed that Ziegler would publicly take the stand before the House Oversight Committee, flanked by his IRS supervisor, Gary Shapley, another whistleblower.

A 13-year IRS veteran, Ziegler is not new to the game. He’s slated to testify that Hunter Biden “should have been slapped with a tax felony, not merely a tax misdemeanor charge,” and that discrepancies exist between President Biden’s claims of non-involvement in Hunter’s overseas business dealings and the textual evidence in the investigators’ hands.

Ziegler also reportedly plans to shed light on the “decline of ethical standards and power abuses” that he’s witnessed. Among his revelations, he’s set to highlight several instances where federal prosecutors hindered the investigation into Hunter Biden’s case.

Importantly, Ziegler is also expected to press Congress and the Biden administration to consider appointing a “special counsel” for the Hunter Biden probe and related investigations. He will also call for an official mechanism for Federal investigators to pull the emergency cord, demanding the appointment of a special counsel.

Meanwhile, Shapley, another whistleblower, is anticipated to testify that prosecutors deliberately hid some evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop from investigators. He reportedly stated, “The warrants were prepared as early as April 2020, but the Delaware USAO delayed them until after the November 2020 election, and then never followed through.”

It seems the plot is thickening in this controversial saga, with more twists and turns expected to come. The Hunter Biden investigation continues to raise questions, stir debate, and provide fodder for those seeking answers.