Unveiling The Greatest and Most Immediate Threat to Us All

Researcher Dane Wigington has issued a stark warning about the dangers of geoengineering, which he considers to be the most pressing threat to both the environment and humanity.

Speaking on “The Dr. Hotze Report” on Brighteon.TV, Wigington emphasized the gravity of the threat posed by geoengineering, stating that it ranks as the most immediate danger, second only to a nuclear catastrophe. He stressed that the impact of climate engineering on the skies and weather cannot be overstated.

Wigington explained that the desire to control the weather has always been a goal of those in power, referencing a 1962 speech by then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson who declared, “He who controls the weather controls the world.” Weather manipulation has been a long-standing pursuit of the military-industrial complex, a weapon capable of subduing nations without their populations realizing they are under attack. Patents for weather modification date back over a century.

The researcher shared how he became involved in this field after experiencing a significant drop in solar power generation at his off-grid home in northern California whenever aircraft emitted chemtrails nearby. Investigating further, he tested rainwater for climate engineering-related elements and discovered elevated levels of aluminum, increasing from 7 parts per billion (ppb) to a staggering 3,450 ppb over 18 months.

Wigington stressed that aluminum should not naturally occur in rain, as it is not a freeform element found in nature but rather requires mining, refining, and distribution. He also pointed out that aluminum nanoparticles are mentioned in climate engineering patents held by American defense contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

These geoengineering activities, according to Wigington, have led to contamination of the Earth, damage to the ozone layer, disruption of weather patterns, and air pollution. He estimated that 40 to 60 million tons of nanoparticles are dispersed into the atmosphere globally each year, endangering human health.

These particles, primarily used for solar radiation management (SRM) to block direct sunlight and slow global warming, can also serve purposes related to weather warfare. Furthermore, they can be manipulated using radio frequency microwave transmissions.

In conclusion, Wigington described geoengineering as an all-out assault on Earth’s remaining life support systems, adding that humans have been poor stewards of the planet. He warned that this manipulation of Earth’s systems must be halted, or it could lead to catastrophic consequences for the planet and its inhabitants.