Tucker’s Warning: History’s Most Explosive Months!

Historian Victor Davis Hanson recently joined Tucker Carlson for a candid discussion on the state of American liberalism and the prevailing political climate in the United States. In his view, American liberalism is marked by a pervasive dishonesty, and he raised concerns about what he perceives as liberal attempts to usher in an era of extreme intolerance.

Hanson articulated, “It’s hard for most Americans to comprehend the total dishonesty of American liberalism.” He believes that the specific vision cherished by liberals is under threat from figures like Trump, and that liberals are resorting to a “critical legal theory” approach. In this paradigm, traditional moral values are discarded in pursuit of power and control.

In Hanson’s words, “Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy, and that’s the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it.” He further expressed his belief that liberals have come to see Trump as an existential threat. Consequently, they view half the country as an obstacle to their transformative vision, leading them to believe that any means necessary are justified to achieve their goals.

However, Hanson also highlighted a challenge within the conservative camp. While some conservatives are speaking out, there exists a faction within the Republican Party that prefers to “lose nobly” rather than engage in the “ugly” battles required to win elections. This internal cultural struggle within the Republican Party poses its own set of challenges in the ongoing political landscape.