Tensions Escalate: China’s Plan to Become World Superpower!

H.R. McMaster, once the top security advisor for President Trump, recently raised concern over America’s ties with China. As The Daily Wire reported, his views suggest that this relationship is even more strained than America’s past stand-off with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

In his appearance on the CBS News show “Face The Nation,” McMaster warned of China’s intentions. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he pointed out, has shown aggressive moves. Their goal, he suggests, is to dethrone the U.S. from its superpower position. He added that Their military activities show a desire to control the South China Sea and reign over the Indo-Pacific region.

McMaster was asked about China’s spy facilities in Cuba. He responded that U.S.-China relations could improve if China lessens its forceful actions toward the U.S. and other countries. He also shared that the CCP talks about a “common destiny for all mankind,” but he wouldn’t join such a program under their rule.

McMaster further discussed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to Beijing. He stressed that the U.S. should stop giving in to China, asserting that such moves wouldn’t stop China’s forceful actions. Blinken’s visit was the first by a secretary of state to China’s capital in half a decade.

Despite both nations acknowledging the importance of stabilizing their relationship, no significant progress was made in military communication. China turned down a meeting request from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu earlier.

In his statements, Blinken reassured that the U.S. stance on Taiwan remains the same and backed the “One China” policy. On the other hand, Xi expressed that China respects the U.S. interests but insisted that the U.S. must show the same respect for China’s rights and interests.