Star Actor FLIPS on Biden – Absolutely BRUTAL!

George Clooney’s Tantrum: Hollywood Elite Attempts to Sway U.S. Foreign Policy

In a stunning display of Hollywood arrogance, actor George Clooney reportedly threw a fit over President Joe Biden’s criticism of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to issue an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Clooney, whose wife Amal worked on the case, had the audacity to call one of Biden’s senior aides in May to express his disapproval of the administration’s stance.

It seems that Clooney, a major Biden supporter, is more concerned about protecting his wife from potential sanctions than standing with our closest ally in the Middle East. The fact that he would attempt to use his celebrity status to influence U.S. foreign policy is not only laughable but also deeply troubling.

The Biden administration was absolutely right to condemn the ICC’s outrageous decision to seek charges against Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. As Biden himself stated, there is no equivalence between the actions of Israel and those of the terrorist organization Hamas. The United States must always stand with Israel in the face of any threat to its security.

It’s worth noting that Clooney’s tantrum comes just days before he is scheduled to appear at a fundraising event for Biden’s re-election campaign. One can’t help but wonder if his sudden concern for the ICC’s actions is more about protecting his own interests than any genuine concern for justice.

Fortunately, it appears that common sense is prevailing in Congress. A bipartisan group of 42 House Democrats joined with Republicans to vote in favor of sanctioning the ICC for its misguided actions. Now, it’s up to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to bring the bill to the Senate floor and send a clear message that the United States will not tolerate any attempts to undermine Israel’s sovereignty.

As for George Clooney, perhaps it’s time for him to stick to what he knows best: pretending to be someone else on the big screen. Leave the foreign policy decisions to those who actually have the knowledge and experience to make them. The last thing we need is another Hollywood elite attempting to dictate U.S. policy based on their own personal interests.