Hunter Biden’s Visit Triggers White House Cocaine Chaos!

Two days after Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, visited his father, an unusual discovery was made in the West Wing of the White House. A curious “white powder” was found, which has since been confirmed to be cocaine. Hunter is known to have had previous struggles with cocaine.

The finding of the suspicious substance led to a hasty evacuation of the White House on Sunday. This occurred after uniformed Secret Service agents spotted the white powder during their usual rounds in the building.

The United States Secret Service and Washington, DC’s Fire Department quickly carried out initial tests. The tests identified the white substance in the West Wing as cocaine. This news was revealed by The Washington Post, which reported the fire department’s radio conversation about the testing process. The radio message mentioned, “We have a yellow bar saying [that the powder is] cocaine hydrochloride.”

Additional testing by the Secret Service is underway to further validate the initial findings.

The strange find happened only two days after Hunter Biden’s latest visit to the White House. His visits are becoming more frequent, which has sparked several discussions. There are claims that the current administration hides Hunter’s visits as his name doesn’t appear in the White House visitor’s logs. This omission has prompted questions about whether Joe Biden and his political allies know Hunter’s potential security risk to the White House but are trying to avoid the related public scrutiny.

Hunter Biden’s notorious “laptop from hell” has been in the spotlight, containing numerous photos and messages about his cocaine use. In particular, it includes evidence of his cocaine use with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau, with whom he was involved in a romantic relationship.

The content in Hunter’s laptop highlighted his extensive collection of drug paraphernalia, including a picture he sent to Hallie, which included a condom wrapper. However, Hunter and Hallie seem not the only Bidens to grapple with cocaine addiction. Ashley Biden, Hunter’s sister, has also documented her battles with the substance in diary entries. These entries, which National File has published, also contain accusations against her father, Joe Biden.