Emergency Shut Off to Prevent WWIII

According to Natural News, conservative billionaire Elon Musk is taking action to prevent the “weaponization” of his internet empire from military forces. He’s taking steps to ensure the infrastructure he’s built doesn’t turn into a weapon of war.

Elon Musk owns SpaceX and a high-speed internet broadband service called “Starlink”. Starlink provides internet overseas and transmits the internet services from space satellites that Musk himself owns.

Worried about the increasing “weaponization” of his internet services by foreign military regimes, Musk has ordered Ukraine’s military to be blocked from using his technology. They can no longer use Starlink services.

Apparently, Musk isn’t convinced that Ukraine’s military has pure intentions with his technology. And he is cutting them off.

According to Starlink’s own terms of service: “Starlink is not designed or intended for use with or in offensive or defensive weaponry or other comparable end-uses.”

Regardless of whether you support Ukraine or not, Musk protecting the sanctity of his infrastructure like this is a breath of fresh air. The last thing the world needs is hyper-advanced tools being used to unleash war on the world.