Disturbing Video Promotes Kids’ Assisted Suicide: “It’s OK to pass away today”

A deeply troubling video targeting children has surfaced on social media platforms, promoting the idea of assisted suicide with disturbingly cheerful Muppet-like characters. Despite claims of being “satire,” the content encourages children to consider euthanasia, promising a place in a “cool urn” after cremation. The video has appeared on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Bitchute, and more, even infiltrating advertising breaks on other videos.

While labeled as “satire,” the video’s content raises concerns about the impact on impressionable youth. YouTube took action by removing the video for violating community guidelines, but its presence on other platforms remains.

The video, supposedly part of a “dark humor” project, sparked outrage for its insensitivity and potential harm to children. Some speculate about the involvement of a group named “Terminal Wellness,” whose website, disguised as a medical site, reveals it as a “dark romantic comedy satire.”

Critics question the motives behind the video’s rapid spread, suggesting a possible association with Canada’s liberal stance on assisted suicide. The disturbing content raises ethical concerns, with commentators condemning those behind it as “morbid demon-possessed pigs.”

As the push for assisted suicide expands globally, critics argue that it aligns with a depopulation agenda. The use of satire in addressing serious issues is acknowledged, but the line is crossed when such themes are presented in a cartoonish format directed at children, potentially normalizing and promoting harmful ideas.