“Bleed Baby Bleed”

In the latest stunning revelation of failed liberal policy consequences, recent research reveals that Democrat-controlled California has bled a staggering $344 million in tax revenue due to an exodus of residents fleeing the state. These findings lay bare the disastrous impact of leftist governance on the most populous state in the nation.

This eye-opening analysis, conducted by MyEListing.com, a real estate marketplace, paints a grim picture for the future of the Golden State. Alongside California’s mass exodus, fellow Democrat stronghold Illinois lost $142 million, while New York trailed closely with a loss of $300 million.

Local media in Los Angeles has reported some shocking numbers. Between July 2021 and July 2022, a jaw-dropping 343,000 Californians packed up and left, while a paltry 125,000 entered. The exodus is so severe that the United States Census Bureau’s numbers are consistent with these figures, highlighting the undeniable reality.

Los Angeles County itself witnessed the highest decrease with nearly 90,000 residents fleeing the once-thriving area.

But the bleeding doesn’t stop there. Since 2020, half a million people have abandoned California, and the report suggests that neither the state’s Democrat governor nor the legislature seem to care about this catastrophic outflow.

In a bewildering move, California legislators recently adopted a colossal $311 billion budget to close an almost $32 billion deficit while handing out hefty tax cuts to the state’s film and television sector.

Over the previous years, California’s ruling Democrats, enjoying budget surpluses of over $100 billion, have been on a spending spree, significantly increasing government size. But the facade is crumbling as sales slow down amid rising prices and a shaky stock market.

California’s vulnerability to these economic fluctuations is a direct result of relying heavily on taxes from wealthy individuals. Even Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s office had to admit that California would likely spend more than it brings in, a classic leftist economic failure.

And don’t forget crime – another thorn in the side of California’s beleaguered residents.

Released just before Independence Day weekend (perhaps in hopes that it would go unnoticed), the annual crime report for 2022 found that both violent and property crime rates had risen by over 6%. Even robberies increased by a shocking 10.2%.

According to Calmatters, if there had been a decrease in crime, state’s attorney general, Rob Bonta, would have paraded it around. But there’s nothing to parade, only the failure of Democrat policies and their devastating impact on the state’s people and economy.

It’s a bleak picture of what happens when progressive ideologies are left unchecked. This exodus serves as a clear and ominous warning to the rest of the nation. When will the Democrats wake up to the fact that their policies are driving Americans away?