Biden Blasted: Go Straight to Hell!

In a blistering denouncement of Biden’s mishandling of our nation’s security, Texas Republican firebrand Rep. Chip Roy didn’t hold back his fury. “The president and this administration can go straight to hell,” he thundered, reacting to shocking images of fully armored cartel mercenaries strutting across our border, unchecked and unchallenged.

During a no-holds-barred interview on Fox Business, Roy fumed at the audacity of these cartels, “given free reign by a president who seems oblivious to the chaos he’s caused on our southern border.”

“Biden’s negligence has practically handed the keys of our border to these drug cartels,” Roy roared, urging Americans to wake up to the global implications of this catastrophe. “Watch ‘The Sound of Freedom’. See the world’s grim realities. Understand who truly wields power and the unspeakable horrors inflicted on innocent children.”

Roy went on to lambast the audacity of the Biden administration for its lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott. “How dare Abbott try to protect our citizens, right? He wants to halt the deadly flow of drugs, stop fentanyl from poisoning our youth, and block armed criminals, and for that, he’s being sued?”

Drawing a line in the sand, Roy passionately declared, “Enough is enough! We will not bankroll a government that encourages lawlessness, strengthens cartels, oversees the deaths of Americans from fentanyl, and is indirectly complicit in the abuse of young girls in cartel-run houses.”

Roy’s frustration wasn’t only aimed at Democrats, though. He chastised Republicans as well, tired of their hollow words and implicit support of porous borders for the sake of cheaper labor.

Following his scathing interview, Roy, true to form, took concrete action. He authored a letter insisting Congress cut off federal funds until the woefully inept Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is dismissed.

Roy’s letter was a clarion call to conservatives. Highlighting the disaster that is the FY 2023 budget, he stressed the dire implications of the ongoing border crisis. “It’s high time Congress stops funding a federal machine that’s openly hostile to its own citizens,” he stated, asserting the moral duty of representatives to protect their constituencies. Roy’s rallying cry? “No border security, no funding.”