Asylum Seeker’s Chilling Police Shootout!

Brace yourselves, America, for a story mainstream media shockingly “forgot” to tell you. On July 14, a Syrian asylum seeker, Mohamad Barakat, unleashed hellfire on Fargo police officers, killing a young rookie and critically wounding two more. The menace was stopped only by the heroic efforts of Officer Zach Robinson, who had to shoot Barakat 31 times to neutralize the threat.

Barakat parked his car like a ticking time bomb, near the site of a vehicle crash, just waiting for his opportunity. And when the boys in blue arrived, he unleashed his planned chaos. He didn’t just have a gun—Barakat had an arsenal fit for a war zone: 1800 rounds of ammo, multiple firearms, tactical gear, a live grenade, canisters of gasoline, and propane tanks filled with Tannerite, a highly explosive material. Imagine the level of domestic carnage he could have inflicted had he not been stopped.

The slain officer, 23-year-old Jake Wallin, had only been serving his community for three months when he was fatally shot. In the heat of the moment, he was a nanosecond away from firing his own weapon. Two other officers, 22-year-old Tyler Hawes and 28-year-old Andrew Dotas, suffered critical injuries. “Shots fired! We’ve got three officers down. Send everybody,” Robinson can be heard yelling in the bodycam footage.

Where was this in the evening news? Nowhere. People are asking why the media chose to sweep this under the rug. It only came to light after a press conference held by North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley, who released Robinson’s bodycam footage.

It’s chilling to note that this wasn’t just an isolated act of violence. Authorities have reason to believe that Barakat was planning a larger attack targeting the Downtown Fargo Street Fair, which would have seen thousands in attendance. How did they know? His search history included “area events where there are crowds,” “explosive ammo,” “incendiary rounds,” and “mass shooting events.”

It’s worth mentioning that this dangerous individual had been a U.S. citizen since 2019. And despite what seemed like a stockpile of weapons and suspicious items, Fargo police had deemed everything “legally owned.” The FBI had also received a tip about his mental state and access to firearms but dismissed him as not having “ill-intentions.”

So, here we are left with questions—Why is mainstream media so selective in what it reports? Why was this potential terrorist not on the FBI’s radar? And how many more ticking time bombs are we letting walk among us, unchecked?