The Ten Lies the Mainstream Media are Ignoring

President Joe Biden’s administration has been plagued not only by a series of gaffes but also by his repeated lies. The team at NewsBusters has compiled a list of some of the most egregious falsehoods Biden has made during his tenure as president, and they’ve examined whether the broadcast networks have reported on them.

Out of the ten lies examined by MRC analysts, the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) failed to cover any of them during their evening and morning news programs. Furthermore, NewsBusters looked into how two of the liberal media’s fact-checking resources, The Washington Post Fact Checker and PolitiFact, rated Biden’s lies. If both rated Biden poorly, it would be particularly egregious that the networks refused to report on the lie.

Here are the ten lies that the networks are allowing Biden to get away with:

  1. Lying Regarding Not Knowing About Hunter’s Business Dealings. On September 21, 2019, Joe Biden claimed, “I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” This claim has been disproven by evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. While this lie was made before he took office, it has been advanced by his staff.

    2. Biden Lied About Passing Student Loan Legislation. In October 24, 2022, President Biden made a statement claiming that his proposal to forgive student debt had been “passed by a vote or two,” despite the fact that it had not yet been voted on in Congress. This initiative, which has the potential to cost taxpayers up to $400 billion, was met with opposition from a group of Republican-led states who filed a lawsuit against it. As a result, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary block on Biden’s student loan bailout order.

    3. Biden Falsely Claims His Son Beau Died in Iraq. During a campaign speech on November 1, 2022, President Biden made an erroneous statement about his late son, Beau Biden, falsely claiming that he lost his life while serving in Iraq. Beau Biden actually passed away in May 2015 after battling brain cancer at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

    4. Biden Claims Multiple Times He Was Arrested Trying to See Nelson Mandela. In a speech on October 25, 2022, President Biden repeated a claim that he was detained by South African authorities while attempting to visit Nelson Mandela in prison during the 1970s. However, this claim is in direct contradiction to Biden’s own admission just one month earlier that his retelling of the story was untrue.

    5. Biden’s Debunked Amtrak Tall-Tale. President Biden was reported to have repeated a story that had been proven untrue at least eight times during his presidency. The story claimed that an Amtrak conductor had congratulated him on accumulating one million miles commuting on the train between Wilmington, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

    6. Biden Claims the Price of Gas is decreased From “Over $5 When I Took Office”. On October 28, 2022, President Biden was criticized for asserting that gas prices were $5 per gallon when he took office.

    7. Biden Claims He Was Raised by Puerto Ricans. In an address to a Puerto Rican audience on October 3, 2022, President Biden made a claim that he was “politically raised in the Puerto Rican community at home,” despite evidence suggesting otherwise. Biden launched his political career in Delaware around five decades ago, when the state was home to only around 2,000 individuals of Puerto Rican heritage.

    8. Biden Lies About Naval Academy Appointment. During his speech at the United States Naval Academy’s graduation ceremony on June 14, 2022, President Biden stated that he was appointed to the military school in 1965 by the late Sen. J. Caleb Boggs (R-Del.). However, according to reports, a search of Boggs’ archives failed to produce any evidence supporting this claim.

    9. Biden Claims You Couldn’t Even “Buy a Cannon” When Second Amendment Was Passed. In February 2022, President Joe Biden repeated a debunked claim that cannons were prohibited when the Second Amendment was passed.

    10. Biden Exaggerates How Many Times He’s Been to Afghanistan and Iraq. On December 16, 2022, reported:
    During a town hall event with veterans on Friday, President Biden restated a misleading statement regarding the frequency of his visits to Iraq and Afghanistan.