Texas Governor’s Epic Showdown with U.N. ‘Go Pound Sand’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has made it abundantly clear that he won’t bow to the dictates of the United Nations (U.N.) or any other globalist entity when it comes to Texas laws, especially those related to LGBT issues. Speaking boldly, Governor Abbott essentially told the U.N. to mind its own business.

This isn’t the first time Governor Abbott has stood firm against international interference. Last year, he gave a similar response to U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres when the U.N. suggested Texas should reduce its oil and gas production.

Recently, several LGBT advocacy groups penned a letter, cc’ing numerous U.N. officials, criticizing Texas for its “anti-LGBT” legislation enacted during the 2023 legislative session. The letter lambasted these laws as an assault on the rights and identities of LGBT individuals, calling for their repeal.

Among the groups behind the letter are well-known names like Equality Texas, GLAAD, and the ACLU of Texas, along with institutions like The University of Texas at Austin School of Law’s Human Rights Clinic.

The laws in question include measures to safeguard female school sports from male participation and to prohibit “gender-affirming care” for minors. Attorney General Ken Paxton has also faced criticism for labeling such care as child abuse and advocating investigations into parents of transitioning children.

Rather than an attack on LGBT individuals, these laws represent a commonsense response to concerning trends observed nationwide. Texas conservatives aim to uphold traditional values and resist the encroachment of extreme ideologies prevalent in certain blue states.

Interestingly, while the U.N. scrutinizes Texas, it remains silent on Michigan’s legislation criminalizing “misgendering” and the harm inflicted on female athletes forced to compete against biological males.

Attorney General Paxton’s investigations into parents of transitioning children may stem from alarming cases like that of Megan Fox, who claims to have decided her children’s gender identities even before birth.

Texas appears to be pushing back against a broader trend of LGBT distortion sweeping the nation, challenging the imposition of values contrary to individual rights and human dignity. Governor Abbott and his allies in the legislature are staunch defenders of Texas’s sovereignty and traditional values in the face of globalist pressure.