Shocking Obama Comment Rocks Political World!

During a recent episode of the “Smartless” podcast, former President Barack Obama voiced his concerns about the current state of the Republican Party, particularly focusing on the influence of Donald Trump. The episode featured an exceptional gathering with fellow Democrats Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, providing a platform for Obama to share his candid thoughts on Trump’s political influence and public persona.

Obama was forthright in his assessment of Trump, noting that he has long been viewed skeptically in New York’s business circles. “I have been surprised that there haven’t been guardrails inside the Republican Party. Trump didn’t surprise me,” Obama explained during his discussion with host Jason Bateman. He further commented on Trump’s business reputation, stating, “I mean, he comes from New York. There’s nobody in New York who does business with him or lends him money. He’s not considered a serious guy here,” highlighting doubts about Trump’s credibility in business.

Reflecting on Trump’s ascension to the presidency, Obama expressed his astonishment not at Trump’s conduct but at his electoral success. “But, so I was surprised he was elected, but I wasn’t surprised in terms of his behavior,” he said, reflecting on the outcomes of the 2016 election.

Obama also discussed the broader repercussions of Trump’s presidency on the Republican Party. He expected that some within the party would stand against Trump’s more contentious actions and statements. “I did expect, and I suspect Bill and Joe, you’d agree with this, that there would be some folks in the Republican Party who would say, no, you can’t go that far. You can’t start praising Putin and saying that his intelligence is better than the US intelligence agencies,” Obama remarked, indicating his surprise at the lack of internal opposition to Trump’s more controversial positions.

Despite the critiques from Obama, it’s important to note that Trump received approximately 74 million votes in the 2020 presidential election, the most ever for an incumbent president, significantly more than Obama’s roughly 66 million votes in 2012. This underscores the substantial support base that Trump maintains.

Obama’s comments underscore the ongoing political divisions within the U.S. and point to the challenges of bridging these ideological gaps. His critique extends to the millions of Americans who supported Trump, suggesting a profound divide that persists between and within the political parties.
Listen to the full podcast with the three presidents here:

The dialogue from this episode of “Smartless” provides significant insights from three prominent Democratic figures about the evolving dynamics within the Republican Party, highlighting ongoing debates about leadership, credibility, and the future of American democracy as the nation moves forward.