Public PsyOps: Biden, Schwabs Stage WWIII

In a startling turn of events, the globe is on the brink of major upheavals, masterminded by the puppet masters of the New World Order. The chatter about a ‘nuclear Armageddon’ and a fresh round of lockdowns to supposedly combat climate change and global warming is reaching fever pitch. Spearheading the call for these preposterous ‘climate lockdowns’ is none other than Nicole Schwab, offspring of Klaus Schwab, backed by a chorus echoing her demand, including the imposter President Joe Biden.

There are even bizarre reports suggesting a sinister government plot involving the release of bio-weaponized ticks to induce meat allergies in the populace, all in a bid to promote an insect-based diet.

Should the populace start waking up to this tyranny and push back, rest assured, the globalist manipulators have a ‘Plan B’, ready to burn it all down in a scorched earth policy.

Now that the talk of town revolves around the nefarious deeds of the Biden Crime Family and the unseemly alliance of the federal government and Big Tech, the writing’s on the wall: the globalist puppeteers may resort to a scorched earth approach.

All News Pipeline contends, “With the entire world now falling all apart around Democrats, RINOs and the ‘Biden crime family’…they’ll have to ‘take down Washington DC,’ the ‘old,’ before they can completely ‘bring in the new.'”

It’s as if these puppet masters are eager to erase their criminal past while moving their base of operations to the subterranean bunkers beneath Denver International Airport. Even Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at such acts of terror.

(Artificial intelligence [AI] robots are forecasting nuclear attacks in major global cities, including London, Moscow, and Washington, D.C.)

So, what false flag spectacle could they spring on us next?

All signs point to a catastrophic event, a false flag operation so devastating that it could drastically change the face of the United States. The globalists, once realizing their losing ground, might react like cornered wild animals, recklessly lashing out.

With Congress and students on summer break, the stage is perfectly set for a major event that would divert the public’s focus from holding the Biden Crime Family accountable for their alleged crimes.

When all other schemes fail, could they resort to nuclear threats? Maybe dirty nukes in major cities might prove enough to turn all attention away from the Bidens, the Schwabs, and the rest of the globalist cabal, shifting the blame onto “terrorists” hellbent on destroying America and our cherished “American way of life,” reminiscent of the aftermath of 9/11.

In the words of a concerned citizen, “I am more fearful of my own government than of any Russians, Muslim terrorists, or the Chinese.”