Obama’s Role in Media Manipulation!

The erosion of mainstream media credibility has become increasingly apparent, particularly in its biased coverage of critical events such as the pandemic and elections. Former President Barack Obama played a significant role in this decline by repealing the Smith-Mundt Act, a move that unleashed a torrent of propaganda within national media outlets.

Obama’s decision to repeal this act removed the requirement for propaganda to be credible, effectively granting the media carte blanche to manipulate narratives without fear of repercussion. Prior to the repeal, U.S. programming produced by entities like the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), now known as the United States Agency for Global Media, was restricted to overseas audiences. However, Obama’s repeal enabled government agencies to disseminate biased “news” to Americans at the taxpayer’s expense.

Despite assertions to the contrary, it is evident that this propaganda serves to advance political agendas rather than provide objective information to the public. Even the Associated Press, in a fact check, conceded that Obama had loosened restrictions on the domestic dissemination of government-funded media.

The consequences of this policy shift were underscored in Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Vladimir Putin, highlighting the media’s pivotal role in shaping public opinion. Without safeguards like the Smith-Mundt Act, media outlets become vulnerable to political manipulation and censorship, distorting crucial issues such as climate change and COVID-19 to fit liberal narratives.

This erosion of media freedom poses a direct threat to the core principles of a free press enshrined in the First Amendment. Obama’s legacy includes paving the way for the current state of media propaganda, perpetuating falsehoods and stifling dissenting voices. It is imperative to recognize the implications of this trend and take action to safeguard the integrity of journalistic integrity and democratic discourse.