Biden’s Brother Exposes Family Secrets

In a congressional hearing marked by dubious claims, James Biden, brother of President Joe Biden, vehemently denies any involvement by the president in his business dealings, despite evidence suggesting otherwise.

Speaking before the House impeachment inquiry, James maintained that payments made to Joe Biden were legitimate loan reimbursements, insisting on the president’s innocence.

During questioning, James provided conflicting accounts regarding his business ties with CEFC China Energy, a Chinese state-supported company, revealing gifts given to Hunter Biden during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

Despite initial denials, James later admitted to receiving funds from CEFC China Energy, raising questions about his previous statements and the nature of his relationship with the company.

Republicans scrutinized James’s testimony, highlighting inconsistencies and discrepancies with documented evidence, particularly concerning his involvement with CEFC China Energy and financial transactions.

While James claims ignorance of the origins of certain funds, bank records reveal substantial payments received, casting doubt on his assertions of professional independence from his brother’s influence.

The hearing shed light on potential conflicts of interest and ethical concerns surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings, prompting further scrutiny and calls for transparency.

Amidst ongoing investigations, James Biden emphasizes his commitment to integrity but faces mounting questions about the integrity of his business practices and his ties to the Biden administration.