New Illegal Alien Scheme Literally Flying Nationwide

In recent years, allegations have arisen about the role of non-governmental organizations Welcome.US, multinational corporations, and Open Society Foundation in facilitating the influx of illegal aliens into the United States. These organizations have been accused of sponsoring illegal immigration, with the ultimate goal of replacing current America with a new America populated by illegal aliens.

Welcome.US, co-founded by former US Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, has partnered with major corporations such as American Express, Walmart, The New York Times, Airbnb, and Goldman Sachs to bring illegal aliens into American communities. The organization has been criticized for collaborating with international organizations, including American Express Global Business Travel and Miles4Migrants, for financing flights for illegal aliens from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Venezuela, and Ukraine.

The NGO has raised millions of dollars from multinational corporations and received funding from Open Society Foundation, led by billionaire George Soros. Members of the foundation’s National Welcome Council sit on the NGO’s board, indicating a close relationship between the two entities. Critics argue that this close relationship demonstrates the role of multinational corporations and powerful elites in promoting illegal immigration.

To finance these flights, Welcome.US requests public donations to support newcomers in getting safe transportation, as international travel costs can be prohibitive. However, critics contend that this influx of illegal aliens places an undue burden on middle-class Americans who are compelled to receive them into their societies. Wealthy elites, such as those residing in Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama lives, have refused to participate in illegal alien relocation schemes.

As a result of these efforts, American suburbs across the country will allegedly be inundated with migrants until the former presidents have replaced recent America with their imagined new America. The Biden administration has launched a similar initiative to Welcome.US, aiming to bring 360,000 immigrants from Cuba by air to Venezuela, Haiti, and Nicaragua. This program is part of a costly parole stream that released about 1 million migrants into American societies between 2021 and 2022.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has brought nearly 5 million illegal aliens who now live in American societies alongside legal American residents. Many citizens are concerned that illegal immigration has significant negative effects on the US economy, including increased crime rates, depressed wages, and an overburdened social welfare system.

Critics argue that Welcome.US, multinational corporations, and the Open Society Foundation are sponsoring illegal immigration, which has dire consequences for American citizens. They contend that this influx of migrants places an unfair burden on the middle class, exacerbates the already-strained social welfare system, and increases crime rates. Additionally, they claim that this illegal immigration is encouraged by powerful elites seeking to replace current America with a new America populated by illegal aliens.