Hunter Biden’s EX Breaks SILENCE! – Truth bomb.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles: A Drama That Just Keeps Unfolding. This time, it’s his ex-partner, Lunden Roberts, stepping into the spotlight to discuss his recent federal gun case conviction and the impact on their daughter, Navy Joan. The interview, which aired on NewsNation’s On Balance segment, sheds light on the chaos surrounding Biden and raises questions about his fitness as a father.

Roberts, in her first TV interview, expressed hope that the legal mess Hunter Biden has landed himself in won’t entirely sever his relationship with their five-year-old daughter. Roberts, hailing from Arkansas, emphasized that her primary concern is her daughter’s “well-being.” It’s a bit rich considering the circus that is Hunter Biden’s life, but we’ll give her points for trying.

NewsNation reported that Navy Joan has never met her famous grandfather, President Joe Biden. According to Roberts, she was advised that grandparents should not step in unless the child’s parent does. This little nugget is a testament to the Bidens’ family dynamics—or lack thereof. One would think that the President of the United States might make an exception for his granddaughter, but apparently not.

Roberts didn’t hold back, stating that while Hunter Biden had always wanted to make his father proud, his struggle with drug addiction made him feel like the “black sheep” of the family. It’s hard to argue with that assessment given Hunter’s track record of scandals and controversies.

In her memoir titled “Out of the Shadows,” Roberts portrays Hunter Biden in a somewhat sympathetic light, claiming he’s not the “villain” the media makes him out to be. Sure, if you ignore the plethora of poor choices and legal troubles that seem to follow him like a shadow.

Let’s not forget that Hunter Biden was found guilty on three felony gun charges on Tuesday. He lied on a mandatory gun purchase form in 2018, falsely claiming he was free from drug and alcohol addictions. It’s quite the feat to get caught lying on federal forms, but Hunter manages to do it with a flair that’s almost impressive.

Hunter’s memoir provides his version of events, claiming he met Roberts in 2021 while deep in his drug addiction. The irony here is thick—Biden’s legal issues are as much a family affair as they are his own doing.

So, what’s next for Hunter Biden? If history is any indication, we’re in for more drama, legal battles, and heartwarming tales of redemption from a man who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. For now, we can only hope that little Navy Joan has a chance at a stable and healthy upbringing, despite the chaotic whirlwind that is her father’s life.

In the end, the Biden family saga continues to unfold with all the subtlety of a soap opera. Stay tuned, folks. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that the drama isn’t over yet.