UFO Evidence FOUND – U.S. Military Scrambling!

The United States government is suddenly (and very suspiciously) saying that they have captured a possible unidentified flying object (UFO). According to an official with knowledge of the investigation of the siting, investigators are saying “we caught one.”

Alleged “UFO” Captured On Camera. In what sounds almost too sensationalist to publish, an insider with the United States military says they have captured an “unidentified flying orb” in photographic evidence.

Luis Eizondo, an intelligence offer who has worked for the United States government the Defense Department. He says the government is investigating the siting, saying: “You’ve got a flying cube, a flying sphere? These shapes are not aerodynamic. This is one of the pieces of video and photographic evidence that is within the intelligence community, saying ‘this is a UFO, we caught one, what can we determine from it’.”

What’s Going On Here? As independent journalist Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out before, something very strange has happened inside the government.

In his latest video, “They Really Want You to Accept UFOs,” Watson questions why the United States government is suddenly so interested in talking about these unidentified flying objects.

It’s become their new mission to talk about these things for some reason. Is this part of an underlying plan? Or is there really something out there that has officials troubled?

Only time will tell.