SHOCKING – Former Trump Attorney PUNISHED!

The ongoing persecution of former President Donald Trump and his allies has claimed another victim in the form of Jenna Ellis, a dedicated attorney who fought tirelessly to ensure the integrity of the 2020 election. In a politically motivated move, a Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury indicted Trump and 18 others, including Ellis, for their alleged efforts to challenge the questionable results of the election.

Under immense pressure from the left-leaning legal establishment, Ellis was forced to plead guilty to the trumped-up charge of aiding and abetting false statements and writings. This supposed felony is nothing more than a way to punish those who dared to question the narrative pushed by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

Now, in a further miscarriage of justice, the Colorado Supreme Court has suspended Ellis’ law license for three years. This decision, handed down by the ironically named Presiding Disciplinary Judge Bryon Large, is a clear attempt to make an example of Ellis and discourage others from standing up for election integrity.

The suspension of Ellis’ license is a direct result of her guilty plea in Georgia, which was obtained under duress and the threat of even more severe consequences. The fact that she must now reapply and prove her rehabilitation is an insult to her character and a testament to the corrupt nature of the legal system.

It is important to remember that Ellis was a key member of President Trump’s legal team during the 2020 election, working diligently to expose the numerous irregularities and potential fraud that marred the process. Her efforts to challenge the results in multiple states were not only justified but necessary to maintain the public’s trust in our electoral system.

However, instead of being lauded for her commitment to the truth, Ellis has been vilified and punished by those who seek to silence any dissent. The legal line that she allegedly crossed is nothing more than a convenient excuse to target her for her political beliefs.

The terms of her guilty plea, which include probation, community service, and a fine, are a slap on the wrist compared to the real crime: the subversion of our democracy by those who refuse to accept the will of the people.

Ellis’ attorney, John Michael Richilano, should be commended for his unwavering support of his client. He recognizes that Ellis was simply following the orders of President Trump and was misled into believing that their actions were justified. The fact that she has taken responsibility for her role in the matter is a testament to her character and integrity.

The suspension of Jenna Ellis’ law license is a dark day for the American legal system. It sends a chilling message to all those who would dare to question the status quo and fight for what they believe in. The left’s relentless pursuit of President Trump and his allies is a clear indication of their fear and desperation in the face of a growing movement that demands transparency and accountability in our elections.

We must stand with Jenna Ellis and all those who have been unjustly persecuted for their political beliefs. The future of our nation depends on the courage and conviction of individuals like her, who are willing to risk everything to preserve the integrity of our democratic process.