Video: Voting Fraud “Glitch Switch” In Action

In the recent conclusion of California’s U.S. Senate primary race, the blue state’s political landscape saw an unexpected twist as former L.A. Dodger star Steve Garvey emerged as a close second to Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, despite the overwhelming Democratic dominance.

During the live vote counting, watchdog accounts on X, formerly Twitter, raised concerns about potential irregularities. @MJTruthUltra highlighted a significant observation, suggesting that Garvey may have been unjustly deprived of votes in real-time counting, terming it the “Glitch Switch” phenomenon. The sudden swing of votes in Schiff’s favor, as noted by the watchdog, raised eyebrows and questions about the integrity of the process.

The final tally showed Schiff with 33.2 percent and Garvey with 32.5 percent, signaling a narrow margin between the two contenders. Many Californians view Garvey’s performance as a “miracle,” considering the state’s overwhelming Democratic leanings. Despite entering the race relatively late and running a modest campaign compared to Schiff’s well-funded efforts, Garvey’s ability to resonate with voters on core issues like quality of life, education, and public safety earned him significant support.

While Garvey’s chances in the general election may appear slim, he remains optimistic and determined to challenge Schiff’s hold on the Senate seat. His commitment to addressing critical issues facing California, such as inflation, homelessness, and rising crime rates, resonates with voters across party lines.

In contrast, Schiff’s victory party was disrupted by protesters advocating for Palestine, highlighting the tensions within California’s political landscape. The surprising results of the primary have left Democrats reeling, with many attributing their shock to their own arrogance and detachment from the concerns of everyday Californians.

As the state grapples with pressing issues like immigration and homelessness, the unexpected turn of events in the Senate primary serves as a wake-up call for Democrats, reminding them of the importance of addressing the needs and priorities of all Californians, regardless of political affiliation.