Shocking: Avenatti to Testify for Trump!

In a surprising development, Michael Avenatti, the embattled former attorney of Stormy Daniels, has indicated his willingness to testify on behalf of former President Donald Trump in the ongoing New York hush money trial. Avenatti, who is currently serving a 19-year prison sentence for various federal crimes including extortion and fraud, made this revelation in an interview from a federal prison in Los Angeles, as reported by the New York Post.

Avenatti stated, “The defense has contacted me,” suggesting his openness to support Trump’s defense. He is housed at Terminal Island, a minimum-security facility, and expressed his readiness to participate in the trial: “I’d be more than happy to testify, I don’t know that I will be called to testify, but I have been in touch with Trump’s defense for the better part of a year,” he disclosed.

Details of these discussions were not elaborated on by the Post, but a source close to Trump confirmed that dialogues between Avenatti and Trump’s legal team have been ongoing.

Avenatti, previously a staunch critic of Trump, seems to have shifted his stance, questioning the motives behind the trial and labeling it as politically motivated. He argued that the trial is a tactic to block Trump’s potential reelection, stating, “There’s no question [the trial] is politically motivated because they’re concerned that he may be reelected. If the defendant was anyone other than Donald Trump, this case would not have been brought at this time.”

Avenatti criticized the multiple legal challenges facing Trump as excessive, suggesting they might ultimately benefit Trump politically. “I’m really bothered by the fact that Trump, in my view, has been targeted. Four cases is just over the top and I think there’s a significant chance that this is going to all backfire and is going to propel him to the White House,” he remarked.

The trial revolves around an alleged payment of $130,000 made to Daniels to prevent her from discussing her claims of a past affair with Trump during the 2016 campaign. Avenatti critiqued Daniels’ credibility, accusing her of lying for financial gain: “Stormy Daniels is going to say whatever she believes is going to assist Stormy Daniels and putting more money in her pocket. If Stormy Daniels’ lips are moving, she’s lying for money.”

Reflecting on his and Trump’s legal woes, Avenatti viewed them as politically motivated, suggesting both were unfairly targeted due to their prominence. He clarified that his comments were not an attempt to seek a presidential pardon, lamenting his association with Daniels: “I’m not saying any of this because I’m seeking a pardon. I wish I would have never met Stormy Daniels. I should have left her where I found her.”