Video: Ramaswamy Shreds ABC News Anchor

During a fiery exchange with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy refused to budge on his commitment to support Donald Trump if he secures the nomination again. In a scathing rebuke, Ramaswamy pointed out the media’s “deranged mental cultural state” regarding Trump.

Stephanopoulos pressed Ramaswamy on his stance, highlighting the apparent contradiction between condemning Trump’s actions on January 6 while still pledging support for him. Ramaswamy retorted that his position aligns with every Republican nominee’s promise to back the party’s chosen candidate.

Accusing Stephanopoulos of embodying what’s wrong with the current culture, Ramaswamy criticized the media’s fixation on past details and their relentless targeting of one individual. Stephanopoulos persisted, stressing Trump’s frontrunner status and his leading position in the polls.

Ramaswamy fired back, stating that he expects reciprocation if he becomes the nominee. He emphasized that the democratic process allows party members to select their nominee and the general public to elect their president, highlighting the decay of the country’s political culture.

Stephanopoulos probed further, questioning Ramaswamy’s stance on a convicted felon becoming president. Ramaswamy countered that many prosecutions against Trump are politically motivated, raising concerns about a potential precedent of using the police state to eliminate opponents.

Rejecting the notion of descending into a banana republic, Ramaswamy underscored his commitment to choose the best candidate for the presidency based on his beliefs.