Jen Psaki OFFERS Biden STUNNING Advice!

Well, well, well, it seems our dear President Joe Biden has a bit of a phobia when it comes to facing the media. It’s almost as if he’s allergic to microphones and cameras! But fear not, dear readers, because we’ve got the scoop on this riveting tale of avoidance and evasion.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? According to the fine folks at POLITICO, Biden only managed to sit down for a measly 10 interviews during his first nine months in office. That’s right, just 10! To put that into perspective, Donald Trump, the master of media manipulation, participated in a whopping 57 interviews during the same period. And let’s not forget about the ever-eloquent Barack Obama, who graced the media with his presence a staggering 131 times. It’s almost as if Biden is playing a game of “hide and seek” with the press, and he’s winning!

But wait, there’s more! It turns out that Biden was quite the chatty Cathy during his stint as vice president, sitting down for “at least double the number of interviews” in his first nine months. It’s like he had a personality transplant the moment he stepped into the Oval Office. POLITICO even accused him of having a “bunker mentality,” stealing a page from the Trump campaign’s 2020 playbook. Who knew Biden and Trump had so much in common?

And don’t even get me started on press briefings. Biden waited a jaw-dropping 64 days before gracing reporters with his presence on March 25, 2021. That’s like waiting for Christmas, only to find out that Santa forgot to bring you presents. And if you thought that was bad, brace yourselves for this next statistic: Biden has only appeared at an average of 11 press conferences per year, the worst record since Ronald Reagan. It’s almost as if he’s allergic to the sound of reporters’ voices.

But fear not, dear readers, because Jen Psaki, Biden’s former White House press secretary, has some sage advice for her former boss. During a recent appearance on ABC’s “The View,” Psaki suggested that Biden should put press conferences on hold and instead focus on reaching a “broader audience.” That’s right, folks, forget about those pesky reporters and their probing questions. Just go on “The View” and chat with the ladies!

Psaki even praised Biden’s recent efforts to connect with the American public, applauding his decision to sit down with Howard Stern and “the guys from ‘Smart List,'” whoever they are. Apparently, appearing on obscure podcasts is the new way to communicate with the masses. Who needs press conferences when you can reach dozens of listeners on a niche podcast?

But here’s the kicker: Psaki claims that if you’re in the White House, you’re not thinking about “checking the box on doing the most interviews.” Instead, you’re focused on communicating your message to the American people. Well, excuse me, but isn’t that what press conferences and interviews are for? It’s almost as if the White House has forgotten the purpose of the media altogether.

So, there you have it, folks. President Joe Biden, the master of media avoidance, is taking a page out of the Trump playbook and embracing his inner hermit. But don’t worry, he’ll still pop up on “The View” and obscure podcasts to keep us all informed. After all, who needs transparency and accountability when you’ve got a charming smile and a knack for dodging questions?