Trumps Reversal of Biden’s Hair-brain Mandate

To stop Joe Biden’s ill-conceived agenda of overhauling the automotive industry, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has swiftly responded to Biden’s radical plan aimed at dismantling the gasoline-powered car sector.

The unveiled mandate, touted as one of the most extreme directives in history, seeks to coerce consumers into adopting government-mandated electric vehicles.

A spokesperson for the Trump campaign denounced Biden’s electric vehicle mandate, labeling it as “extreme” and warning of its disastrous consequences. The statement emphasized that Biden’s policy is detrimental to American jobs, consumer choice, and the nation’s automotive industry, ultimately handing it over to China.

Promising swift action, the spokesperson affirmed Trump’s commitment to overturning Biden’s mandate upon re-entering the White House, ensuring Americans retain the freedom to choose their preferred mode of transportation.

Critics argue that the finalized rule caters to far-left environmentalists’ demands, imposing stringent measures to phase out combustion engine vehicles. The Washington Post described the move as “controversial,” highlighting its impact on automakers, who are now compelled to accelerate electric vehicle sales while curbing carbon emissions from traditional models.

In contrast, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lauded the regulation, projecting significant carbon emission reductions and substantial annual benefits for the nation. The EPA contends that the rule will yield substantial health benefits, averting premature deaths and mitigating various respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.