Trump Was WRONG – Judge Makes It Clear!

In a recent development in former President Donald Trump’s hush money case, Judge Juan Merchan clarified on Friday that Trump is permitted to testify during the trial. This statement came in response to Trump’s claim just a day earlier that the gag order was preventing him from giving his testimony.

Judge Merchan addressed the issue at the start of Friday’s proceedings, suggesting that there may have been a misunderstanding regarding the gag order and its impact on Trump’s ability to testify. He emphasized the importance of clearing up any confusion on the matter.

Before the jury entered the courtroom, Merchan explicitly stated that Trump has the right to choose whether or not to testify. He clarified that the gag order does not prevent Trump from testifying and only applies to statements made outside the court.

The judge’s remarks followed Trump’s comments to the press on Thursday after the proceedings had adjourned. Trump, while looking at his attorney Todd Blanche, claimed that he was not allowed to testify due to the gag order.

Trump further criticized the judge, claiming that he was “conflicted” and that the gag order against him was unconstitutional and unprecedented. He argued that the order was unfair and that no one had ever been subjected to such restrictions before.

Under the current gag order, Trump is prohibited from making any public statements about witnesses or jurors involved in the case.