SHOCKING Turnabout! – Trump Receives STUNNING Endorsement!

On June 3, TikToker Carol Mitchell made waves by appearing on camera with David Hilliard, one of the founding members of the Black Panthers, to discuss former President Donald Trump. In a surprising twist, the 82-year-old Hilliard praised Trump, expressing his desire to see him back in the Oval Office and asserting that Trump was an ally to the Black community. However, the video didn’t last long on Mitchell’s account; she reportedly took it down after Hilliard’s grandson threatened legal action.

In the video, Hilliard recounted his acquaintance with Trump from the 1960s, describing him as a “decent man” who “supported the Black Panther Party.” He emphasized that Trump was “not a racist,” countering the widespread accusations that have plagued the former president.

But of course, nothing stirs the pot quite like a bit of revisionist history. Hilliard’s grandson, Eric Jones, quickly responded with his own video, stating that his grandfather has ongoing “cognitive issues” and demanded Mitchell remove her video.

Jones claimed that the TikToker “misrepresented” his grandfather’s “view on Donald Trump and [his] 34 guilty verdict count.” According to Jones, Mr. Hilliard’s memory is patchy, particularly when it comes to remembering Trump as a realtor, not as the former president. He stressed that Hilliard doesn’t even realize Trump is now in politics.

Heaven forbid we allow an elderly man to speak his mind without a family member swooping in to set the record straight. Jones declared he would not allow “these people” to make it seem like his grandfather supports MAGA, adding, “Not on my watch.”

Jones explained that the comments in Mitchell’s TikTok were merely his grandfather “speaking in terms of the past” and do not signal support for any current political figure, Trump included.

While Mitchell’s video vanished the next day, the internet had already done its job. Posts and retweets of the video, claiming that the former Black Panther founding member endorses Trump, continue to circulate. Mitchell has remained silent about her TikTok and the reasons for its removal.

Both Trump and President Joe Biden are keenly aware of the importance of support within the Black community as the 2024 election looms. Currently, Biden enjoys significantly more backing from this demographic compared to Trump.

Yet, the sudden burst of praise from a legendary figure like Hilliard, even if swiftly contested, adds an unexpected twist to the ongoing battle for hearts and minds. Whether it’s a case of selective memory or simply a misinterpreted endorsement, it’s a reminder that the narrative in politics is never static.

As the race for the White House intensifies, it will be interesting to see how each camp leverages such moments. One thing is for sure: in the age of social media, no comment goes unnoticed, and every soundbite has the potential to shift the conversation.