Secret Summit: Musk and Trump Plotting Biden’s Downfall?

Billionaire electric vehicle (EV) magnate Elon Musk held a clandestine meeting with Donald Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate, aiming to strategize ousting Joe Biden from the White House this November.

While Musk refrains from political donations, his summit with Trump hints at a shared goal: defeating Biden, likely for Musk’s benefit.

In Musk’s view, Trump stands as the sole viable contender against Biden, a belief reinforced by Trump’s Super Tuesday triumph, vanquishing his competitor, Nikki “Nimarata Randhawa” Haley.

News of Musk’s secretive rendezvous with Trump surfaced after their private jets were spotted at Palm Beach, Fla., airport on March 2, later confirmed by three independent sources to The New York Times.

Despite Trump trailing Biden in fundraising this year, Musk, with a net worth exceeding $200 billion, could easily provide financial aid, yet he refrains from such support.

Musk, now operating in Texas, has vocally criticized mass illegal immigration, warning of potential security threats akin to another 9/11 if the issue persists.

Expressing dismay, Musk denounced the Biden administration’s covert transport of over 320,000 illegal immigrants to U.S. cities, branding it as treacherous.

He accuses Biden of orchestrating this influx to bolster his voter base, denouncing efforts to impede voter ID laws under the guise of safeguarding voting rights.

Musk’s discontent with Biden extends to his administration’s handling of regulatory matters concerning his ventures, leading him to declare his non-support for Biden’s reelection bid in 2024.

At a recent rally in Summerville, S.C., Trump vowed to dismantle Biden’s open borders policies and initiate the largest deportation campaign in U.S. history upon re-assuming office.