Deathbed Confession Just Changed Everything!

A long-dormant case was dramatically resolved when the main suspect, Larry Webb, confessed to a double homicide just hours before his death. Webb was suspected by police of killing Susan Carter and her 10-year-old daughter, Natasha “Alex” Carter, 24 years ago. His confession led authorities to the remains of the mother and daughter, which were discovered buried in the backyard of his home. Webb, whose trial had been delayed due to his declining health, passed away on April 22, the same day the bodies were found.

Webb had been in a relationship with Susan Carter and admitted during his confession that he had shot her during an argument over money. He killed her daughter because he believed she could identify him as her mother’s murderer. Police noted that Webb, who was in a nursing home at the time of his confession, expressed profound remorse and claimed he had “cried himself to sleep” on the night of the murders.

Webb was indicted for first-degree murder the previous year after investigators executing a search warrant at his home discovered a bullet. Subsequent testing revealed that the bullet carried the DNA of Alex Carter. The case against Webb was strong, but proceedings were repeatedly delayed due to his poor health and complications in obtaining medical clearance to transfer him to prison.

Ultimately, Webb provided what Raleigh County prosecuting attorney Ben Hatfield described as a “detailed, undeniable, unconflicted confession” to investigators at the nursing home. Hatfield was present during this confession.

The search for Susan and Alex’s remains took three days. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Tony Rausa, involved in the excavation, informed reporters that given the condition of the remains and the details provided in Webb’s confession, it was highly likely that they had indeed located Susan and Alex, who vanished in 2000.