New Ridesharing App with Armed Drivers

In recent news, a groundbreaking ridesharing app called Black Wolf has been unveiled, as reported by OANN. Unlike traditional services like Uber or Lyft, Black Wolf sets itself apart by offering armed drivers to ensure the safety of its passengers. Developed by former private investigator Kerry King Brown, this innovative app has already launched in New York and Atlanta, Georgia, aiming to combat the rising tide of violent crime across the country.

Enhancing Passenger Safety: A Necessary Evil

With crime rates on the rise, Brown recognized the need for an enhanced level of protection for everyday individuals. In an interview with Atlanta News First, he explained that the primary victims of crime are often ordinary citizens. Fueled by this realization, Brown stated that Black Wolf is a “necessary evil” born out of the growing demand for safer transportation options. Since its launch, the app has garnered approximately 80,000 downloads, highlighting the urgency and relevance of its purpose.

Stringent Driver Requirements: Prioritizing Safety. To ensure passenger safety, Black Wolf enforces rigorous screening processes for all drivers. Candidates must undergo comprehensive background checks and receive specialized training before hitting the road. This training equips them with the necessary skills to de-escalate potential confrontations that may arise during their trips. Furthermore, drivers without prior experience handling firearms are obligated to undergo detailed training to ensure their readiness. Brown emphasizes that Black Wolf is committed to hiring only the most qualified individuals for this critical role, reinforcing their dedication to passenger security.

Advanced Safety Measures: Tracking and Live-Streaming Technology. Black Wolf goes above and beyond in prioritizing rider safety. Each ride is equipped with advanced GPS and live-streaming technology, allowing passengers to share their real-time location with loved ones. This additional layer of security provides peace of mind, ensuring that passengers can be closely monitored throughout their journey. As reported by The New York Post, this cutting-edge feature further reinforces Black Wolf’s commitment to creating a secure and reliable transportation experience.

Expansion Challenges: Navigating Gun Control Laws. While Black Wolf has already made its mark in New York and Atlanta, Brown has ambitious plans to expand its services to other major cities, including New York City. However, he faces challenges due to existing gun control laws that restrict the company’s operations. In an effort to overcome these barriers, Brown expressed his hopes of collaborating with a former NYPD detective who currently operates his own security business, providing specialized training to drivers. By leveraging this connection, Brown aims to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and bring Black Wolf’s enhanced safety measures to more metropolitan areas.

Pricing Structure: Premium Rates for Armed Drivers. Black Wolf offers a pricing structure that reflects its commitment to passenger safety and the value of armed drivers. Unarmed drivers are subject to a base rate of $50, while armed drivers command a base rate of $60. Additionally, customers will be charged $1.75 per mile, ensuring fair and transparent pricing across the board. By differentiating rates based on the presence of armed drivers, Black Wolf incentivizes the selection of highly trained individuals, further reinforcing the app’s commitment to passenger security.