Breaking: Biden Sabotaged Border Security Over 60 Times! “See It Here”

House Speaker Mike Johnson has exposed President Joe Biden’s relentless assault on border security, revealing over 60 instances where Biden and his administration have actively encouraged illegal immigration. Despite baseless accusations against House Republicans, Johnson’s report disproves these claims and highlights Biden’s failure to secure the southern border, leading to a surge in illegal crossings and escalating into a full-blown migration crisis.

“Since his inauguration, Biden has systematically dismantled America’s border security,” declared Johnson. “Over 60 times, he has abused his authority to open our borders to illegal immigrants, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and potential terrorists. This has resulted in a dire humanitarian and national security crisis. It’s time for the President to use his executive authority to rectify the damage he has caused. I am urging him to take immediate action.”

The list of infractions cited by Johnson includes Biden’s termination of the Southwest border National Emergency, effectively halting the construction of the border wall, and numerous policies aimed at facilitating illegal immigration.

Under the Biden administration, crucial measures such as the Title 42 expulsion authority, aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, have been terminated, along with programs to verify family relationships at the border, paving the way for exploitation and trafficking.

Additionally, Biden’s administration has requested billions in emergency funding to perpetuate its open borders policies and proposed rules that undermine Trump-era policies designed to protect national security.

Despite Biden’s promises to address the crisis, critics remain skeptical, particularly as the latest bipartisan spending deal fails to allocate sufficient resources to secure the border, prioritizing foreign aid over domestic security concerns.