Bannon Tells CPAC Audience It’s Time To “Lock Them Up”

At the recent Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering in Washington, D.C., War Room host Steve Bannon energized the crowd with resurrected chants from Donald Trump’s first political campaign.

One of the most memorable was the “lock her up” chant – or rather, “lock them up” – rallying conservatives around the former president and his unfulfilled promise to prosecute two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Bannon led the chant “lock them up” this time, referring to the Joe Biden administration, which he labeled as “illegitimate.”

“After three years of ‘peace and prosperity’ under Trump, ‘before he was hit with a Chinese bioweapon,'” Bannon continued, alluding to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), “they stole the 2020 election.”

“To the media, I want you to chew on this,” Bannon exclaimed. “I want the White House to chew on this: you lost in 2020. Donald Trump is the rightful president of the United States.”

While saying this, Bannon roused the CPAC crowd to chant “Trump won” repeatedly, echoing Trump’s own rallying cries at his political rallies.

“Do you know how we can be absolutely certain that Trump won?” Bannon then questioned.

If Biden had “truly won,” Bannon argued, then he would be “celebrated as a hero” by the corporate media, alongside Kamala Harris, his vice president.

“The New York Times is throwing Biden under the bus every day and running him over. That demonstrates they recognize he’s an illegitimate leader. He’s a trespasser in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nobody who cared for this nation would inflict what he’s doing to the country.”

“Lock them up, every one of them,” Bannon persisted. “Garland, Ray, Biden, all of them, Mayorkas. What they inflicted upon this country is unpardonable, and we will not overlook it, and we will never pardon it until justice is served.”

Currently, Trump faces numerous charges in multiple legal cases, potentially totaling over 700 years in prison. In Bannon’s perspective, Trump’s sole offense is that “he gave you a voice,” referring to the CPAC attendees.

“In D.C., in the imperial capital, not in the room, not in the deal,” Bannon remarked. “He placed American working men and women in the room and at the head of the table, and they loathe him for it. They see him as a traitor to the ruling elite in this nation.”

In response to Bannon’s address at CPAC, a commentator on X suggested that holding a 2024 election would validate the 2020 election results, hence why there should be no 2024 election.

“Revealing the stolen election before November is the sole path to true justice,” added another commentator, echoing the sentiment.

“What a mockery this country has turned into,” remarked another about the spectacle that American politics has become.