$30 Million Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods

The latest legal storm for golf icon Tiger Woods has settled down, as his former girlfriend Erica Herman, who filed a hefty $30 million lawsuit against him last year, abruptly dropped her charges. Herman had accused Woods of deceptively forcing her out of his house, thus violating the Landlord Tenant Act. She contended that Woods had told her they were heading off for a vacation, only for her to find herself locked out of his home located in the posh Jupiter Island, Florida. Herman’s additional claim of harassment, stemming from the power dynamic in play when they began dating while she was his employee, has also been mysteriously abandoned.

Furthermore, Herman had sought the invalidation of a non-disclosure agreement the pair had inked in 2017, but the judge threw a wet blanket on her attempt. Currently, she is working on appealing that decision.

The duo’s path first crossed back in 2014 when Herman worked in Woods’ eatery on Jupiter Island. A romantic relationship blossomed between them three years later, leading to the signing of a non-disclosure agreement. Their love story hit a rocky patch in the fall of 2022 when she claimed they had a verbal agreement allowing her to stay in his Florida mansion for five years. When Woods gave her marching orders, Herman launched the lawsuit.

Woods’ romantic life has been a complex saga, marked by a single marriage. His path to matrimony began when he was introduced to Elin Nordegren by Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik in 2001. Nordegren was employed as a nanny for Parnevik at the time. The spark of love quickly ignited into a full-blown fire, and they were engaged within two years, culminating in a wedding in Barbados in 2004. The couple became parents to two children, but their marital bliss was shattered in 2010 when Woods confessed to cheating on his wife with multiple women.

Among his mistresses was Rachel Uchitel, who was the first to be hunted down by the press when news of Woods’ infamous infidelity scandal broke. Following this, Woods moved on to a relationship with professional skier Lindsay Vonn, which lasted for three years.

His next romantic liaison was with stylist Kristen Smith, which started in 2016 and ended in 2018. Woods also made her sign a non-disclosure agreement, presumably to prevent her from spilling the beans about their breakup to the media. It appears he was keen to prevent any publicity surrounding his ongoing infidelity.