2024 Election in Jeopardy: Top 6 Shocking Schemes Dems Steal It!

The Democratic Party in Washington DC is no longer concealing their radical agenda for the upcoming election and their quest for absolute power, intending to silence dissent and control the nation indefinitely. While Democrats perpetuated baseless claims of “Trump-Russia Collusion” for years, they now prohibit any discussion of election integrity, resorting to draconian measures to suppress dissent.

Prepare for another orchestrated crisis, where citizens are coerced into prolonged lockdowns and coerced into taking experimental vaccines under the guise of public health. Meanwhile, Democrat operatives in collusion with foreign entities fabricate millions of pre-marked ballots to manipulate election outcomes.

Be vigilant for potential catastrophes that could disrupt the electoral process, as Democrats seek to exploit any opportunity to delay or nullify the election results, ensuring their grip on power remains unchallenged.

The Democrats are brazenly signaling their intent to subvert democracy by refusing to certify the election if Trump emerges victorious. Such blatant disregard for democratic norms and constitutional principles is tantamount to treason.

As the election approaches, here are the top six methods Democrats may employ to steal the presidency:

  1. Resurrecting the debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative.
  2. Orchestrating another pandemic to justify mass mail-in voting and election manipulation.
  3. Stage catastrophic events to justify postponing or canceling the election.
  4. Resorting to political persecution, including the arrest and elimination of political opponents.
  5. Plotting to eliminate Trump through nefarious means before the election.
  6. Threatening to refuse certification of the election results if Trump prevails, undermining the democratic process.