VIDEO PROOF “Obama 2.0” Still in Play

The Biden Administration has come under scrutiny for its distribution of free cell phones to illegal aliens at the southern border. This article delves into the details of this controversial program, shedding light on its implications for American taxpayers and the growing influx of illegal immigrants.

Video Reveals Free Cell Phone Distribution. Video evidence surfaced recently from Brownsville, Texas, capturing the moment when illegal aliens received free cell phones from the Biden Department of Homeland Security. This footage validates claims made by then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in April 2022, confirming the provision of free cell phones to illegals. The program appears to be an expanded version of the “Obama Phone” initiative, raising concerns among American citizens.

The Financial Burden on American Taxpayers. While the average American cell phone bill amounts to $127 per month, the cost of providing free cell phones to illegal immigrants remains undisclosed by the Biden Administration. As inflation rises under Joe Biden’s economic policies, American families already face significant financial strain. It is disconcerting that the administration’s response to this struggle is to spend taxpayer money on generic solutions without transparency regarding the total expenditure on free smartphones.

Questioning the Need for Asylum. The aforementioned video, recorded in Brownsville, Texas, features a large group of all-male illegal aliens who had just crossed into the United States. Upon receiving the free cell phones, their excitement raises questions about the perceived destitution and mistreatment they claimed to have experienced in their home countries. Observers noted that these individuals seemed well-versed in smartphone usage, prompting further skepticism about their circumstances.

Confirmation from Former White House Press Secretary. During a press briefing on April 6th, 2022, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki affirmed that illegal immigrants were indeed receiving free American taxpayer-funded smartphones. Psaki cited the reason for this program as facilitating communication with the immigrants. However, the lack of transparency from the Biden Administration regarding the cost and long-term implications of this initiative remains a significant concern.

Future Projections and Border Crisis Impact. Given President Biden’s decision to revoke Title 42, the policy that allowed for the swift expulsion of illegal crossers during the pandemic, experts anticipate a surge in illegal immigration at the southern border. Consequently, it is expected that more free smartphones will be distributed to illegal immigrants. This development adds to the ongoing border crisis, which raises questions about the administration’s ability to effectively manage immigration policies.