Spy Balloon DECISION – Biden Stuns Everyone!

According to Daily Wire, a CHINESE “Spy balloon” has been spotted flying in the middle of our beautiful country. It’s in the very middle of the United States. But it gets worse. Biden and his cronies are REFUSING to shoot the spy-craft down! Biden has decided to take a quiet vacation as the whole drama unfolds.

Is The Spy Balloon A “Coincidence” Or Not? It all began when a mysterious round object was spotted in the sky over Alaska. Reports indicated that it was controlled by Communist Chinese Government.

Then over the course of many, many hours – the State Department balked! They failed to neutralize the spy balloon thats the size of 3 school buses put together and was allowed to travel across multiple states. Including Montana where we have sensitive Nuclear equipment.

You read that correctly. The Defense Department, which is paid trillions of dollars in taxpayer funding, couldn’t manage to stop a simple balloon. One has to wonder why Americans even pay taxes at this point!

Of course, the Chinese government claims that it’s all one giant misunderstanding. They report some sort of “malfunction”. But it’s pretty clear this is an attempt to embarrass us in front of the entire world.

And Biden isn’t interfering in China’s plans. He’s leaving D.C. to go on vacation.

You seriously read that correctly. As Chinese spies infiltrate the very center of America’s airspace, Joe Biden is suspiciously gone.

In case you still don’t understand, just look at Joe Biden’s Victory Speech. Where almost no one was in the crowd except dozens of brand New Jeeps, appearing like product placement on a popular television show.

It all makes sense when you Google who Jeep’s biggest owner is. The answer? The Chinese Government.

Maybe Biden knew what he was doing all along.