Hillary EMBARRASSED Herself on National Television

There’s a palpable lack of excitement among many Americans regarding the upcoming presidential election, featuring a familiar matchup: Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. However, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2016, has a blunt message for those dismayed by the electoral redux: “Get over yourselves.”

This statement came during her appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon, where she responded to questions about voter dissatisfaction with the current candidates. Fallon expressed enthusiasm for her forthrightness, but not everyone shared his sentiment.

ESPN sports analyst Stephen A. Smith, in particular, offered a critical response to Clinton’s remarks the following day. He questioned the wisdom of her dismissive advice, reflecting on her own electoral missteps in 2016, including strategic campaign errors and the lingering shadow of an email scandal.

While Smith didn’t specifically mention Clinton’s controversial “basket of deplorables” comment from the 2016 campaign, he alluded to the danger of alienating voters with such rhetoric, especially in a high-stakes election.

Clinton’s recent comments, though not as inflammatory as her past misstep, still risk frustrating those already disillusioned with the prospect of repeating the 2016 election scenario. Her approach could inadvertently push away potential Democratic voters, echoing the very issue that contributed to her loss in 2016.