Arnold’s Shocking Heart Surgery Update!

In 1997, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former California Governor, had surgery on his heart to replace his aortic valve. Then, in 2018, he had another surgery to fix some valve tissue. Two years later, he had yet another procedure to replace his first surgery’s valve. Recently, he shared more about his heart.

On March 25, Schwarzenegger sent a newsletter to his Arnold’s Pump Club members, updating them on his heart. He said he had surgery on his heart a week ago and assured everyone he’s “doing great.” This time, doctors put in a pacemaker, which he joked made him “a little bit more of a machine,” like his “Terminator” character. Schwarzenegger explained that, as an Austrian, he initially kept the news private but decided to share to help others.

He mentioned receiving many messages from people with similar heart issues, thanking him for being open about his experiences. That encouraged him to share about his pacemaker. Schwarzenegger thanked everyone at the Cleveland Clinic for their care and explained that scar tissue from previous surgeries caused an irregular heartbeat, affecting his energy.

Despite his health challenges, Schwarzenegger stays positive, saying he won’t complain. He shared that his mother and grandmother died from the same condition he was born with, motivating him to monitor his health closely.

Schwarzenegger urged others to take their health seriously, even if they’re scared, saying, “Together, we can lift anything.” He assured his 775,000 subscribers that they’re never alone in their journey.